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I just got off the phone with Buddy Club USA There is only 1 Coilover set for the TSX available price is $1,559 shipped. List price is $1780 this is just a special offer available this one time only.

Buddy Club envisioned the complete all-around suspension and as a result the Racing Spec Damper came to be. Incorporated with the P-1 Racing Damper’s excellent design, Buddy Club adjusted accordingly to meet the tough requirements of a street/track vehicle. Tunability is still evident in the upper pillow-mount (optional in some applications) and also in the 15 way adjustable dampening and rebound. Damper size, spring rate, attenuation, and stroke can all be set up for anything from city streets to hardcore circuit.

1.) Height Adjustability w/ High Quality Aluminum Perches

Allowing for height adjustability without the compromise of ride. With each complete perch rotation, lowers ride height by 2mm. Depending on application, Buddy Club Racing Damper can be lowered as much as 3" both in front and in the rear thus creating a lower center of gravity for stability in turns. In addition, threads are coated for added durability and come with dual locking perches.

2.)15 Way Adjustable Dampening

The advantages of having adjustability is that it allows you to fine tune your suspension for street or track and further enhancing the right comfort level. The simple and easy to understand dampening knob allows for quick adjustability for all your racing situations.

3.)Pillow Ball Upper Mount and Camber Plate. (Not available for all applications)
The pillow ball upper mount maintains the stability by minimizing the travel between the chassis and suspension. The camber plate is used to correct the wheels camber in order to optimize road contact thus increasing traction.

6. Buddy Club Springs

Buddy Club springs are developed and created in our state of the art facility. Each spring in tested for optimal spring rate for each application. Our springs are made to endure any application with no wear or sag.

Each Racing Spec Damper is produced with in 4/100 margin of error. Each damper is assembled by highly skilled technicians in each step of the process. Racing Spec Dampers are developed for the rigorous demands of racing. Whether you are into extreme racing or daily driving, Racing Spec Dampers are made with the highest of quality.

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I relaize how important good engineering is when it comes to cars and I'm sure "Buddy Club" does an excellent job. But one thing keeps puzzling me...

Why is it that people will scream "bloody murder" over the price for some products, but when it comes to "performance" pieces... sky's the limit?

I'm serious about this, because after I manufactured my Cooper console and tried to get feedback from people at a Mini Cooper forum (whose name I won't mention), all I received was "negative" feedback from people who never saw the product other than the pix. None of them cared about the engineering, quality, strength, attention to detail, superior design, etc.

Of course, people who seen it in person and used it, loved it! But that's another story.

The largest criticism I received was regarding the cost. Yet these seem individuals were braggin how much they just spent on their suspensions, superchargers, etc.

Without getting too philosophical about this, why do normally rational people "drop their draws" on performance parts but become complete misers on everything else?
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