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The Spring Tour will happen on Saturday May 28th 2011 and since the Fall Tour occurs in the east end, it was only fair to have the Spring Tour happen in the west end.

Spring Tour Main Page

The waiver which all drivers have to sign will be available on the website and as well the day of the event. If you do not have the signed waiver you will not be able to attend the event.

Pre-run with EMT of C7 and 1-2 representatives of each car club will occur prior to the Spring Tour. The date for the pre-run is Sunday May 22 at noon. We would like for a representative from each club to come to the pre-run so that we can discuss the day of the tour and any other imperative issues. Please email [email protected] once you have chosen your representative and have the SUBJECT of the email “PRERUN.” We would like to know no later than Wednesday May 18.Just like the Fall Tour, the same concept falls for the Spring Tour. Cars will leave with their club. There will be a few minutes delay between each club leaving the starting point onto the route, so please be patient. Maps of the route will be given the night before as we do a final pre-run on the Saturday to ensure no construction is happening. It will, as well be given the day of the Spring Tour.

Starting point will be: AMC lot at Winston Churchill and QEW in Oakville around the Homewood Suites hotel
Time to arrive: 9am
Time cars start departing: 10am first group, other groups following in 5 minutes increments
End point: Cayuga Speedway
For those who are looking to take part in the track stuff here is a breakdown of the costs, remember this is not mandatory but a fun option

Pre-registration (deadline May 27 at 5pm)
Road course $70
Dragway $20
Both Tracks $90

Cost day of Spring Tour
Road course $110
Dragway $30
Both Tracks $120

For those who would like to pre-register here are the options on how to:
1. Call TMP at 1-866-824-7723 and identify yourself as a participant of C7 Performance’s Spring Tour 2011 and reference code C70528

2. Online, select May 28 in the drop down menu and enter the code C70528

Those who pre-register for the road course are able to bring one free guest with them, those who pre-register for the dragway your guests will have to pay $5.00. For those who are not planning to race but spectate the admittance fee is $5.00. A card will be provided to each person day of the event to give them the discount to the admittance fee.
If you do not have this card you will pay the normal fee of $20.

If any of you guys have questions, concerns etc, please do not hesitate to contact Lyla at [email protected] and she will be more than happy to help answer your questions.

Let’s make the Spring Tour the greatest it can be and open the season off with a bang!

Take care,
EMT of C7 Performance
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