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ANYONE whom does CAD work, especially you Civil guys, ought to appreciate what Dell is coming out with.

Now we all know, they are going to charge an arm, a leg, and possibly your first born for even the lowest setup. But, for work-station style laptops, they are forging ahead.

A quad-core i7 is not all that new in laptops, Mac's 15 and 17in Pro models its an option.

Dell is offering 2 very nice options for dedicated video cards, a 1GB model from AMD and a 2GB Nvidia Quadro 2000M.

But the real kicker is the massive amount of dedicated RAM available as an option. A full 32GB's! This pushes the ceiling higher for laptops. I was impressed when I heard Mac's Pro laptops can hold up to 16GBs but, twice that much is a sound that is oh so sweet to hear.

I would never be able to afford the maxed out model, based on experience, I would put the price around $6k+. Probably around $2k for the base model.
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