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CAN adapter KIT for Hondata FlashPro TSX 07;08

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Hi guys,

where I can buy CAN adapter Kit for Hondata FlashPro TSX (ECU 37820-RBB-A21 (MT).
Hondata doesn't have for delivery.

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Supply/parts issues? Not uncommon these days, even for Hondata I guess.

I've only installed that Hondata jumper cable once. Total PITA for the upper connector.
I often wondered if one could just splice into 2 Canbus wires in the green connector.
Then find a wrecked TSX and pull off 2 OBDII pins/pigtails and use that at the OBDII end.

Worth a shot if you have strong electrical skills.

Your location shows Croatia. There are several TSX/Euro Accord tuners in Eastern Europe.
Little Bo and another recent member also posted up.

These folks can flash a 2004-06 ECU without the Hondata CANbus adapter, without Hondata FlashPro and without a 2007-08 ECU.
Worth researching before spending a ton of cash on Hondata FlashPro.
Tnx for info.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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