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Car locks acting funny.

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Hi guys I have been a lurker for quiet a while now. I have a question about my 2006 acura tsx with navi. AT. I became the owner of the car in september of last year. the car came with the oem key fobs and also aftermarket remote start system. ever since i have owned the car, every time i sit in it and turn the ignition on, about 3 seconds after that all the doors lock up by itself and when i take the key out of the ignition the locks unlock. at first i thought that it was a built in feature from acura and that the locks could be programmed so I called the dealership and the service department told me that the feature was unavailable in acura tsx in 2006. any suggestions on what to do? ps. once i am in the car, the car is on and the doors are locked, if i click the unlock button on the door next to the window regulators, the doors stay unlocked the whole time.
any suggestions would be appreciated.
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what alarm is it? is it just remote start?

it can be turned off from the brain in newer viper and compustar alarms... don't know about other brands but as long as they use the same brains i wouldn't see why not.

and +1 cYn, i consider this an added bonus to my aftermarket alarm!
it locks after crossing 2k rpm and unlocks when i pull the handbrake :)
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