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Hey everyone,
Finally got around to getting some brand new buddy club N+ coilovers for my 2008 TSX. This has been my most wanted mod since I purchased the car 3 years ago :dr:

I figured since my tires were about to go, why not get everything done in 1 day. I started the day early, got new tires installed all around, than had a shop that Marcus recommended install the rear camber kit & coilovers, and finally got my TSX aligned after everything was installed.

Car looks amazing, drivers amazing even thought it does scrape a bit. I will be getting my fenders rolled soon. I am getting a mild right sway on the freeway now though and not sure what might be causing this?

The shop that installed the coilovers left the front driver side coil a little higher than the front passenger side due to me driving alone about %80 of the time.

How does my alignment specs look? I dont track or anything just pretty much commute to school and work mainly so I had them set it to as close as stock as possible.



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Tire pull is a possibility. When I got all four tires replaced it would pull to the left. I just dealt with it for three years until I finally got all four new tires and instantly the car didn't pull any more.
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