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Car wouldnt start even though console lights come on

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This has been happening randomly for the past 2 years and frequently the past few weeks.

When you put the key in, the console lights come on as usual but the car wouldn't start when you try give the ignition.

I replaced the battery and the starter at the dealer(down 1000+ bucks in the process) and the next day it happens again.

Any suggestions?
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You might need to reflash your immobilizer. It might not be recognizing your key. Have you tried using a different key? If not, maybe your immobilizer is going bad...
Both keys don't work. On suggesting to the service adviser that it could be the immobilizer, he said that if it was something to do with the immobilizer, the green light in the console would blink when you put the key in.
There is a recall on the shield protecting the ECU. Make sure they check this area for corrosion. If bad things made it past this shield, then they could be messing around with your car's brain - and therefore anything could go wrong. Make sure you ask them to take a look at this!

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