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Cargo Net

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I got my new Black TSX on Oct 14th. Bought the Cargo net from the Parts Dept. for a wopping $ 70 bucks. Then when I got home, I couldn't figure out how to install it. I guess it's something I will need to pay to have installed. The instructions had a couple of simple pictures but nothing I could work from. Anyone ever install one yet ? P.S. LOVE my new TSX.
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if u guys want to make life easier buy the cargo net for the 350z coupe it lays flat and there is no install, just 4 clips that go onto th existing hooks in the truck
Thanks kwalnut,
Have you purchased this and it works on the TSX?
I've wondered why Honda hasn't offered this?


yes i have it and it works great. here is a pic of what it would look like. its not my car, btu its where i found out about it

1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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