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Im selling the computer I had put in the car. It is in excellent condition.

It is the Shuttle XPC case - about half the size of a normal tower computer sold in the store.

AMD T-Bird 1.33 GHZ (more than enough for any car use or home computer)

256MB Ram

40 GB Hard Drive

PNY GeForce FX 5200 128 MB Graphics Card

Standard Power supply AND OPUS DC Power supply - The OPUS power supply is designed specifically to be used in the car. Connect the black wire to ground, red directly to the battery, and a blue wire inline with the hot(red) to a toggle switch. This setup will turn on and off the computer when you turn on and off your car - so you donot have to get to the trunk to turn on the computer. It works great and has a warranty from the manufacturer (about 2 years and 10 months left)

Gyration Mouse and Keyboard - wireless and the mouse can be used in midair (excellent for use in the car because you have no flat surface to use the mouse). I will include the extra battery and charger for the mouse.

I will include the screws and mounting supplies that was used to mount the computer in my car.

It is in excellent condition - you will probably want to get an interface program designed specifically for computers in the car - I can give you a list of the different programs available (most are free; i think only 1 has a charge)

Everything together I originally paid about $850 (power supply is the most expensive at $250 - well worth it though). I am asking for $550.
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