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Some of you remember I had setup the computer in my TSX using the navi screen. A new member of the forum sent me a PM asking me questions, and I figured it would just be beneficial to everybody if I posted the question and answer here - so future members who have similar questions will see it here.

khaoohs said:

Reading through the forums I see you had a carputer installed with the AVElectronics adapter. I'm buying a TSX in a few months and I'm going to want a similiar setup. I have a few questions if you don't mind.

What resolution so you run your carputer at? I do not know, haven't spent an extensive amount of time looking, what the native resolution of the lcd screen is. I would like to set the resolution of the 'puter to the same rez as the lcd for best picture. It's most likely going to be some oddball number, becuse the screen is wider than 4x3 i'm pretty sure.

Did you end up using the FM modulator or audio through the aux input? I would prefer to use the aux, I never liked fm modulators.

Have you had any trouble with the video over the lcd screen? I get worried about clarity and the like.

What kind of PC hardware do you have? I'm thinking I may be able to get a mini-itx setup in a case small enough to mount where the OEM mp3 player would go, under the stock HU. I'd like to have a slim-line dvd drive hooked into it, then I could play dvds right from the dash. I would just have to run a pretty long s-video and rca cable to the unit in the trunk.

Once again, I'm sorry to bother you. I hope you don't mind me asking all these questions in regards to a post from 6 months ago.

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Hey, Welcome to the forums! You will deffinately enjoy your TSX. I no longer have my TSX - so I don't remember the resolutions that I had the carputer set to.

At first I used the FM mod, but eventually I switched over to direct input using the snhond3 adapter to be able to use the aux button.

The video was of course no HDTV, but I was impressed with it, especially being a small screen. I am compelled to warn you be careful when driving if you do watch video. It is, I am sure, illegal - if not yet, soon to be - and VERY distracting (at least I found it very distracting)

I don't remember the hardware specs (they may be posted in some thread on the forum) but I can tell you, any computer that is less than 3 years old will be fine. I like your idea of the small case - it is wise.

I suggest using the power supply from:
It will automatically turn on and off the computer when you turn on and off the car. It is a VERY good product (although expensive)

Sorry I could not give you more details about the hardware specs - hopefully this will help you. Don't worry about asking questions. We are here to help everybody :).

I am going to post your question and my answer in the forums, just so if future people are searching, they can see my answers also.

Oh,I should also suggest taking a look at - the forum over there is all about carputers - you can even get programs to run your carputer on for easier use in the car.

Good luck!
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