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Catching up with TSX fam

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Hey guys

Been a while since I posted anything of meaning on these forums... thought I'd chime in and tell you guys I'm still here.... still alive lol.
Car is exactly the same as you saw it last!

I picked up another feature, this time with my SSR Professors, and a couple of months ago did a quick impromptu shoot with my company Import Fashion. Thought I'd share =]

My Feature ( click here! )

Gotta love Jon Tran's photography!

Here's an Impromptu shoot featuring our company cars. Representing Import Fashion all day...

Pink G35 - Alvin Puertollano ( CEO and Founder Import Fashion )
White S2000 - Luigi Arroyo ( Operations Manager Import Fashion )
My TSX - ( Lead Event Coordinator Import Fashion )

Featuring the lovely models:
Kay Bae and Amy Ames

First set by AJ Yarbrough

AJ is really obsessed with my wheels for some reason

The one and only Kay Bae. Yes... shes tall as fuh

Next set from Jofel Tolosa ( Contributing photographer for Super Street Magazine )

Amy has a love affair with my car ;)
And she told me she had matching gold trimmed heels.

These last few pics were taken by Steven Hun, Model coordinator for Import Fashion group

If you guys are not busy this weekend come by SPOCOM auto show at the Anaheim Convention Center, Saturday August 4th to see our cars and our beautiful ladies. Our model area will be hosted by special guest JERI LEE, who will be modeling for our company!

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I swear both my hands were on the keyboard the whole time. :)
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