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Center console removal & parking brake adjustment

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I tried searching and couldn't fully find all the info I was looking for. Is there any DIY, video or info on removing the center console and doing a parking brake adjustment. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanx.
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i just grab the cup holders and pull up to release the clip and then using a flat blade screw driver to pry on any clips that will not release
Do i have to take out the whole center console or just the top piece ur talking about to get to the adjustment cables?
Found this pic for adjustment on second it same for 1st gen?

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just the cup holders and you will access to the parking brake cable, but why do you to adjust the parking brake anyway? shouldnt it be self adjusting because they the rear calipers for the parking brake
Tried didnt work. Car still rolling even on a slight incline
are the calipers actually doing anything when you pull the hand brake? i had one seized caliper on the rear and it wasnt moving when i applied the parking brake so the car would always roll, did rear pads, rotors and both rear calipers to fix the prob, my rear brakes were also worn out so that i replaced everything, if you replace one caliper you should replace the other too for even braking pressure
Let me google that for you

1st link DIY removal should give you visual pics.

1. pull cubby
2. pull cup holders up.
3.remove shift knob

2 screws in the cubby area for not an ashtray
2 screws near the shift knob
2 more screws inside the center console (pull rubber up and reveal 2 phillips screws)
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So upon further seems that one of my ebrake cables is stuck. I guess I have to change the cable itself. Here's a pic of what it looks like:

And under the center console:

Any DIY on changinging this cable?
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