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Change TSX 6-Speed Manual Configuration?

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Hello everyone!

New to the community. Looking to get involved.

Anybody knows whether it is possible to change the configurations in the car ... for example, create the choice of double clicking and holding the lock button to roll the windows back up, just like it does to roll them down? ... Can't think of anything else now but I'll write back as soon as i remember them.

Well, my buddy has a Golf R32 and his car has an interface cable that he changes settings now and then. Is there anything like that for our car?

Please let me know. Enjoy life people!
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I believe there's a bunch of modules that you can get for your car that will allow you to do this...I've considered doing it myself but ended up deciding on saving money on other things...a bunch of people on this have them...I believe they're from...
Thanks 1hkxc!

Great help! Buying them now. Just curious if you'd know if it's an easy install.

I've got a guy that can do it, but would prefer doing it myself. Any encouraging thoughts?

Thanks again my friend.

Best ....
Press unlock, release and press and hold unlock on the keyless entry fob to roll all four windows down. As for rolling back up, from the factory it can't do that since is a safety hazard. A baby could get decapitated or something. But you can buy a relay to do that
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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