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It appears like your battery is discharging because the battery is not being charged or the battery is not holding a charge. That's why all your lights are lighting up. So as you drive, at low rpm, your battery is discharging until, it gets too low and more lights come on. When you rev your engine, the battery charges due to the high rpm which produces a higher voltage.

If this is the case there are several areas to check.
1. Check that your serpentine belt is not damaged or too loose when your engine is turned off. A loose or damaged belt won't always charge at idle or low rpm but will when you rev up. Check the position of your wear indicator(arrow) on your idler pulley, your belt may have stretched.
2. Check the alternator output voltage to your battery at idle. It should be at least 13.6 volts. If not (much lower) then have the charging system checked at a major auto parts store or by a mechanic.
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