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While doing some brake research i came across this:
(I looked for a thread discussing this setup but never found it, apologize mods if this is duplicated)

Cheap big brake kit ~$750 for front and rear:eek:hsnap:! Pads included
(This excludes shipping costs, or other costs such as brake fluid or lines)

Now I'm not saying this is as great as some new high dollar aftermarket stuff, or as elite as Brembo or spoon calipers. So don't start talking smack. Lol

But for people looking for an affordable upgrade the larger rotors and beefy front calipers could be a viable option!

Here are the components-

Fast brakes kit $595

Fastbrakes complete front/rear package kit. Front 12.6" rotor kit using a 1 piece rotor, combined with the 12.3" rear rotor upgrade. This kit contains the front 12.6" slotted/drilled rotors, adapter brackets, plus the rear 12.3" slotted/drilled rotors and rear adapter kit. Front kit is designed to use the 2 piston calipers from the 1993-1995 Legend Coupe or GS Sedan or 1991-1996 NSX.
Fastbrakes 2004-2008 Acura TSX 12.6" front w/12.3 rear big brake kit

Acura legend (Nissin) remanufactured 2 piston front caliper $90 per side
Cardone® - Acura Legend 1995 Remanufactured Brake Caliper

An impressive brake pad selection $35-105 a set
1995 Acura Legend Performance Brake Pads at

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I believe the hype for those legend calipers are only because they are the same calipers used in the first gen NSX. I now think that the pilot or oddessey calipers would have a bigger surface area and stronger clamping force compared to that, but yeah if you're on a budget this would be an awesome cheap BBK.

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I have a question about this topic if you are going to change the calipers to a 2 piston do u need to swap the master
I have four puck willwood calipers and I have no issues with using the stock master.

I guess you could if you really wanted to but I don't think it's necessary.
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