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2006 TSX A/T

I just replaced my timing chain and VCT gear these weekend, I checked the timing multiple times during the whole process and everything was fine. I also checked valve adjustment, changed my oil, and went from a RBB phaser to a RBC phaser. Upon first startup, it ran and sounded perfect during idle except for the emissions light, VSA light, and a P0341 code. Note it is also sitting on ramps at this point.

I disconnect the battery for a few minutes, start the engine and the lights come back on after a few seconds. I get the car off the ramps on even ground and let the battery sit disconnected as I put tools away (approximately 10 minutes) but alas it still came on. Driving wise, it is a lot peppier in the mid range with the larger phaser, but now VTEC isn’t engaging at 6k RPM.

I am performing the crank position relearn tomorrow during my lunch break with a coworker’s snap on scan tool, and see what codes the other lights are throwing. Also I will pull my VCT actuator and see if it is stuck open.

What are some other things that could cause the lights I should look at? Could brake clean on the crank sensor cause the lights? Or is it all because I haven’t done the crank position relearn yet?

TL;DR did my timing chain and RBC phaser, starts and runs fine but lights are on, and VTEC doesn’t engage.
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