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check this out drag racers cought in NY

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It was funny when they showed the tow truck rip the front fender off of that silver Honda as it being dropped off :laugh:
Ray said:
do they sell these cars off?
I believe they'll hold them for a period of time, then if no one claims them they'll auction them off.
sjlee said:
BTW... it was definitely funny when they ripped the bumper off that silver Civic. Although I'm sure the owner of that car isn't laughing very much. :)
I'm guessing the same thing happened to the S2000 also...the pass front was torn up. Ouch!
Ray said:
So does insurance cover the damage caused by the tow truck?
Somehow, I have a feeling their insurance companies don't know what they did with their cars... :D

EDIT: I meant with engine mods. If that's the case, they really don't want to bring in their cars for an estimate because they'll more than likely yank their policy.
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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