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Cleaning Alloy wheels and Exhaust Pipes

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Do you guy/girls bother to clean the inner rim of the alloy wheels? They can get dirty easily. However, they are hard to reach. Do you use any special liquid to clean the black tar?

Do you clean the rim of your exhaust pipes? :wall:
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Wheels - Meguairs Hot Wheels Cleaner. This is a spray on, wash off application.

Exhaust Tips - Autosol. Metal abrasion removal polish, do this only if you want it to be immaculate like new. Otherwise, water/normal car wash shampoo and chamois is fine.
Many do this cleaning with a steam cleaner. Recently, I myself selected tools for steam cleaning and they advised me to use the Optima steam cleaner, but I looked at the reviews on the Internet this and realized that a model with a large number of nozzles and a more powerful pressure unit, such as Fortador, would suit me.
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