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Hi folks,

Have an issue that rose recently, I'm trying to get down to the source, and could use some assistance/feedback. I've done some searching but haven't found an exact solution.

I hear a click/clunk noise when driving over bumps as I'm turning left or right and the sound seems to emit from the driver side front end. It does not occur every time but occasionally. I also feel this clunk through the steering wheel. I thought the cause was the ball joint on the lower control arm as upon inspection, there was some play and so, I had both front lower control arms with ball joints replaced but the issue persists.

H-Tech springs were installed recently on stock struts but issue was happening before this modification. Had a mechanic inspect the other items on the front end and everything appeared to be tight. He suspects it may be the strut mount but I was wondering if there is a way to inspect it? Seems like such a hassle to pull the strut/spring assembly apart to check that.

Thoughts anyone?

Thanks in advance,
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