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Climate control back light out?

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Hey guys I finally got my indash DVD player installed and working after a few days of head banging... Now I'm left with one problem and that is the lights for my climate control not working?... After installing the deck I don't see anything on the screen.. But the head and AC still do work just nothing shows up?

Anyone got a solution for this? I tried looking it up on google but couldn't find any answers.

Thanks in advance,

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It was working fine until I installed my aftermarket deck... There is no power going into the factory deck but I thought at least the lights on climate control would stay working? If I unplug the factory deck all together maybe that will work?
Try looking in the fuse box, and check the 7.5 for ACC. When I took mine out to put in my fogs that's what didn't give me light to the climate controls but still works.
Fuses are good.. I think I need to make a t-harness? I saw a post about it but I'm not clear on how it's done.

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