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clk 500 or SC430

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sorry this maybe a little off topic but i am giving my TSX to my sister, and I am buying a new car. i want a nice luxury convertable so i pulled it down to two cars. the Mercedes CLK500 and the Lexus SC430. Tough choice. Give me some opinions. THanks!!
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I'd take the Benz CLK500. Its newer than the cramped SC430. It may have reliablity issues, but hey, my TSX had many problems last summer. Those problems can be fixed.:thumbsup:
TSX 'R' US said:
I've never test driven any of those cars, but I personally would probably go for the CLK500... I checked out the specs and it does look more appealing than the Lexus (Engine/performance/roominess).. Did I mention it looks better? :D
now you see.:bowdown1:
1 - 2 of 48 Posts
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