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clk 500 or SC430

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sorry this maybe a little off topic but i am giving my TSX to my sister, and I am buying a new car. i want a nice luxury convertable so i pulled it down to two cars. the Mercedes CLK500 and the Lexus SC430. Tough choice. Give me some opinions. THanks!!
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How long do you plan on keeping the car? Do you prefer a hard top or a soft top?
I personally don't like the looks of the SC430... But the CLK500 looks sweet!!
larchmont said:
Not when the reliability is piss poor. Some things never get fixed right, or it's one thing after another. Neither of which tends to happen on cars with top-notch reliability.
That's what the waranty is for ;)
larchmont said: mean that as long as it's free, you don't mind having to keep taking your car back in, and having problems crop up whenever they feel like it, and never knowing if the car will really get you where you're going?

There's always a chance of getting a bad car...luck of the draw... There has been a few TSXs that were lemons...and look at Joker's TL... Just a luck of the draw sometimes...however, choosing a certain type of car will decrease your chances.. Now if a certain part is bad all over the board for a manufacturer, then I suggest not going to them...

I don't dissagree with you Larch, but taking a detour and looking at it from a different perspective as well...
I've never test driven any of those cars, but I personally would probably go for the CLK500... I checked out the specs and it does look more appealing than the Lexus (Engine/performance/roominess).. Did I mention it looks better? :D
Is there any particular reason they made these two cars in auto only? I thought it'd be more of a fun car with MT and alot of luxuries... :donno:

Is it because it's strictly a luxo car?
Ferg said:
Maybe a Mercedes-Benz or Lexus forum would be a good place to go? My guess is, like me, most people here have not driven either one. So their opinions are based mostly on looks.

If you were to ask my opinion, I'd say for that kind of money a Porsche Boxter looks real nice. Or, you could buy an S2000 and another TSX for your daily commute, and still have some cash to bank.

hmm..boxter vs. S2k...there's another decision... :D
SAZABI said:
Yeah...that's what I'd get too :nod:
bob shiftright said:
I'm trying to talk my wife into a factory delivery tour in Stuttgart.
Do it!!! Yoo can doowit!!! I'd love to do the factory tour whenever I buy a porsche..
larchmont said:
Yeah, that sounds generous enough. :D

Possible poll question: Who would trade 4 years of college and 4 years of grad school for a Porsche/Lamborghini/SC430?

I think we'd be horrified at the results. :D
depending on what the majors are and which college(s), you won't get a fair trade... :D
theos_tsx said:
yeah im looking around a little over 110 000$ CAN as a price range, and luxury is a key as someone pointed out Lexus is really luxury, even the back seats that have no way of fitting a kid, let alone an adult is really well made and bolstered. What other cars around the price range are availble. Is the Porsche still in the question?
Doh..I didn't realize you are in Canada... Lexus is defiantely your choice if you're looking for luxo. How about an Audi S4 Cabriolet?
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