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Hey everyone,

I just purchased my 4th Acura and the clutch just started acting up. Its a 2004 with 125,000kms. At first pretty much all the gears would not engage, I had to pump the pedal a few times before I could start off in second.

I noticed it was low on clutch fluid and there was a leak in the slave cylinder. I bought OEM master and slave cylinder and swapped them out. I also changed the manual transmission fluid to Syncromesh friction modified. The car was running beautifully until about 600kms later. 1st gear and Reverse started to not want to engage. And now it does not want to go into gear.

I also noticed the clutch pedal is sticking on the way up slightly. Maybe because its -20 outside. But maybe the clutch needs replacing or is it something as simple as placing the clutch pedal bracket?

As well, the clutch was engaging really low to the floor if that makes a difference.

I really appreciate the help!!!
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