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Stans alignment in aurora is pretty cheap..its off colfax ..he usually does em for around 60 bucks ...he works on quite a bit of imports that i know of evos, wrxs, audis. Then u got places like Tires Plus thats where I got my last one cause I couldnt drive my car all the way across town to stans...they did it for 100 bucks...they got it in spec pretty good and they were very friendly even though I hate those "Chain Mechanics"

To get a true alignment though to get ur car in spec u need a rear camber kit for sure .. either ingalls, spc, or wicked,

Ingalls and SPC are better in my opinion cause they can adjust camber and toe
Wicked can only adjust camber in the rear

I personally am running the ingalls in the rear and no camber kit in the fronts. Hit me up if u need anymore advice/help.
1 - 20 of 39 Posts
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