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if you're building a block for a supercharged set up, would you run low compression pistons or stock compression ratio?
Depends on what type and size of S/C you're running (Roots vs twin-screw vs centrifugal), but generally it's recommended to stick with stock CR.

As TSimon mentioned, you typically only want to lower CR on high-boost applications where peak output is the goal. However, if this is a DD, keep in mind that lowering your CR negatively affects driveability as off-boost power is decreased.

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Your stock cr will be fine.

Boost vs Atmospheric pressure:

Over here in Perth Australia, our average altitude above sea level is 90ft.
With a CR of 10.5:1 and a positive boost pressure of 8psi.
My CR is 15.2:1.

There's a formula for calculating it online too.
The mechanical limits are around the 19-20.0:1 before parts need to be replaced.

+1 for Merc, I have it and it's a damn fine product.
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