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Console PROBLEM help plz

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hi guys,

sorry for my bad writing skills, am french canadian....

well i have a little problem with the cover of the compartment over the "not an astray" thing

i opened it and not it wont hold back when i try to close it

i tried to find a way to remove the whole thing so i could reconnect the little plastic thing that is suppose to hold it down when it is close but with no success.

Does anyone knows how to remove this compartment ?

please check theses 2 pictures and that quick youtube video to understand what am trying to say.

thanks for your help

problem with central cover tsx 04 - YouTube

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You need to remove the upper cubby as well as the trim piece around the shifter area. You'll see that the ashtray compartment is held down with 4 screws

i was hoping i could do it without removing all the shifter console......

i guess ill spend few hours on that, am not a good mecanic lol

thank you
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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