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spaghetti's been my fav. since who knows when.
i started cooking it in the 5th grade; just plain spaghetti and ragu (which is really really sour if you dont add sugar!!!)

i think i mastered to making it the way me.. my family, and my friends like it.
but i can't teach you since i have no form of measurement! HAHAH
but the basics
a can of corn (pour in sauce with the corn juice too, don't strain it)
beefy, however much you desire
your choice of pasta (cook till AL DENTAY and flush with cold water)
a whole bunch of seasoning; pretty much anything and everything you have (i only have a few)
about 3 spoons of sugar (depends how much u cook)
tomato paste/sauce

starting to think this post is pointless hahaha. but i boost me ego some i suppose. i make good spaghetti, thanks =)... oh..! and ramen noodles with scrambled eggs on top! +1111

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^^^^ :werd: I looove spaghetti! It's always been my fave since I was a lil girl! So, no matter how much I looooove sushi, spaghetti is my all time fave! hehe

But, why would you add CORN into the recipe?! :puke:

I'm still trying to master the art of filipino spaghetti! hehe It's a bit sweet and we add ground beef and hotdogs! hehe Once I get the right recipe, I'll post it up! :nod:
121 - 123 of 123 Posts