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cracked windshield

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I was getting on the freeway yesterday and drifting into the far left lane as usual when a Suburban cut me off and kicked a rock right into my windshield. Out of instinct, I lurched to the right after I saw it coming towards my face. Well it didn't go through but it did leave a nice bullet hole on my front windshield right where I look through everyday. It's not like it was towards the very top or bottom where it would be inconspicuous and out of view, but right in the middle straight above the steering wheel where I can see it every day.

Does anyone know if I can get this fixed without replacing the windshield? How much would that cost? How much would a new windshield cost. Also, what are the dangers/risks now that the windshield has lost its structural integrity? If another rock hits would the whole thing break now?

And I thought they used "extra thick" glass. I have never experienced a broken windshield before but have seen many rocks hit!!

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How big is it? Did it create a web around it? Depending on how big the ding is, an autoglass repair shop should be able to fix it for you within a few hours/day. Maybe even take it to one of those places and see what they say about it.

If it didn't go through your windshield, I'd say the windshield did it's job. No windshield will bounce off rocks flying at excessive speeds without cracking....unless you pay for it.
Here's an idea on pricing if you can fix it without replacing windshield:
Thanks for the link, that shop is only 5 miles from my office. No there is no web around it, just a simple bullet hole. But my point was that I have had cars before that didn't even have "thick glass", and had many rocks hit the windshield before, and they never broke. On cheap cars too like Nissan Sentra.
Thanks again for the lead. I contacted my insurance company and found out that there is a California law that basically says if your windshield damage can be covered by a dollar bill, then the insurance company must fix the damage at no charge to you, and will waive the deductible. Great news for me. They even recommended a mobile repair unit to come to my office tomorrow!

Thanks USAA
Awesome!! Good to hear :thumbsup:

With rocks hitting your windshield...there's quite a few factors that go into what'll happen to your windshield... Speed & angle of the rock, type of rock (sharp, blunt, etc.)...just to name a few. No matter how thick your glass is, if it gets hit at a certain speed/angle, you'll get damage/no damage from it.
Nice replies by TRU.
I would say the windshield did its job.

BTW main thing is that you're OK. Things like that can be dangerous.
The TSX windshield lists for $389.00 (the glass, only) :(

Good you have glass coverage on your insurance policy!
The only make I know of that has extra-resistant glass is Volvo. On my former S40, I once got one helluva rock on my windshield from a truck, and there wasn't so much as a scratch on the glass. I saw the thing headed straight at me and was sure that my windshield was a goner... Then again, it was maybe just luck. Indeed, no glass is immune to chips, but I do find Japanese glass "scars" easily. My friend has a 02 Maxima SE, and his windshield looks like it's been sandblasted. Even on my TSX, I find the glass to be much less "clear" that it was a year ago.
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