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Hey guys,

I picked up my new Accord euro back in february and there have been things that keep bugging the hell out of me.
When I start the car it seems that the dash including the the trimpieces where the window buttons are located start to make a crackling sound. Also does my steeringwheel make a loud cracking sound the first time I turn it lef or right. ( just once )
The trimpieces keep making cracking sounds every now and then while driving, it's been driving me nuts and I wanted to know if any of you have had something simular I could refer to when I take in to the dealer.
Also does there seem to be vibrating part located at the passengers side.
I'm not enjoying the new car feel the way I hoped I would since my previous Euro ( 20101 ) didn't have any of the problems I'm having with this car.
If anybody has any experience with this whatsoever please chime in.
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