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Bought a 2012 TSX from them a couple of months back (love it, by the way) but it was one of their loaners from the previous year. No big deal. But every time it rained, I could see the outline of the vinyl decals they had on it and it was driving me crazy. This was on the back windshield.

So I took it in, asked if there was something I could buy to remove it and they told me they'd put some cleaner on there, buff it out and then would run it through the wash.

They did.

Looked great, then the Sales manager sat in my car with me and gave me a very thorough run through of the Tech system. Most of it I knew, but he showed me a few tips and tricks.

This morning I wake up to go to the gym and there's all this residue on the back windshield (where they had done the work). It looked like someone had thrown an egg or something. So I brought it back into them, they took some of their window cleaner and cleaned it right up and then gave me a can for me to use whenever I want.

With so much poor customer service in the world, it's nice to see a car dealership that actually gives a damn about what they do. I feel good knowing I can go in there anytime and know that I'll be taken care of. I called the Service manager this morning and expressed to him my sentiments.

A+ job.
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