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Might be getting a TSX this Thursday. Just have one question:

I used to have a 99 TL and got rid of it to get a smaller monthly payment. Ended up getting an 03 Protege5. Its a fun car (5 speed manual...fully loaded), but I went from riches to rags in driving quality.

One thing I hate about the 4 cylinder P.O.S. that I succumbed myself into buying is that the cruising speed (highway cruising) for me is about 70-85. I'm at about 4000 RPMs to get that, which I hate. One thing that stuck with me when I took engineering classes at college, that an engine that runs over 3000 for a long period of time is pretty much deteriorating itself.

I used to cruise in my TL around 85 at 3k RPMs and loved every minute of it.

So..finally the question is...

Whats the cruising speed at 3000 RPMs for the TSX?

Let me know...I don't wanna take the test drive and
scare the shit out of the dealer.

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Neeks said:
for 3000 rpm, the speed should be 72 mph.

that is for the manual. the automatic should be faster at the same rpm due to its taller gearing.
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