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Hey everyone,

Got a few items i'd like to move fairly quickly. Some are in preparation for other plans and others are because i've upgraded. Take a look!

Paypal preferred!
Im local in WA state (local pick-up takes priority)
Shipping at YOUR expense.
Will Ship UPS w/tracking numbers

NEW PRICING 4/5/13!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
First up: 08 Acura TL Type-S (GMA3A)Throttle Bodies (i have 2 of them). $70 SHIPPED/EACH

Second item: Neuspeed SPORT springs 20k miles on them (changed springs- went with firmer setup)SOLD!!!!!!!!!

note: There are 2 Koni yellow front shocks. i changed these out due to a noise with the R, Fr corner. both seem fine. 20k miles

Third item: Ingalls ETD kit. Still on car, will take off asap! Ive had it installed for roughly 4 months (moving to innovative mounts) SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fourth item: CT-E icebox and K&N filter (also have a spare K&N). Item still on car. SOLD!!!!!!!!

Fifth item: Ultra Racing 4-pt rear chassis brace. Had on for only one-month. Not enough clearance with the new lower stance so i need to ditch this. some light scraping from driveway (as seen).

6th Item: I have my original OEM shocks/springs if anyone is interested 18k miles on them: $45+ shipping!!!!

258 Posts
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How much am I sending you??
sent you PM this morning.

I retract my interest.. Glws!
i dont know why people are getting sending me PMs that are upset. i DO have a job AND a life outside this forum. I went on a mini vacay and it does take a little bit to sort through all the PMs and request, questions, etc. Please have patience everyone...jeez! haha

whats the sizing on the type s TB's , is this an upgrade for tsx?
Lots of info on this site AND on the internet. bolt up and YES, it IS an upgrade! has great info on this
^^like he said, thanks!

No response in days... Still have the parts???
SENT PM! sorry for delay

Still havent heard anything since I replied within 30 min of you posting this ad.....

UPDATE 3/12- EVERYTHING ELSE has not been spoken for!!!
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