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Hey guys,

we're getting all the CU2 guys together in the Northeast and meeting up at Ross Dock in New Jersey. Henry Hudson Drive, Fort Lee, NJ, is the address in case you all wanted to look up how to get there. We are shooting for August the 7th, but if we can drum up some more interest for a later date we will switch it. We will meet at ross dockaround 5-6 o'clock, take some bitchin pictures and talk CU2 till we are Vortex blue in the face . and take some awesome pictures...then we will head over to menlo park, and show the TL guys wasup by outnumbering them and have a good time.

August 7

5-6 O'clock Ross Dock
Take Pictures
Talk All things CU2

8 O'clock
Go to Menlo Park and meet up with other guys, and show them the Cu2s know how to party

others are welcome, but this is mainly for second gen TSX's =)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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