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I believe I was the first one to do this a couple of years ago...I properly opened the "OEM" Stanley bumper reflectors and inserted waterproof LED strips / resealed them (no leaks at all to date).

When I was removing them today I accidentally cracked the one of the legs that has the metal tab on the end but is is only partially cracked so just need to secure it with plastic weld/jb weld/silicone/ect (easy fix).

Asking Price: $70

I will bring them to the Speedstar meet tomorrow in case anyone wants them.

To install just extend the +ve (silver) and -ve (copper) wires to either parking/signal or even a switch if you want to use them like rear fogs.

Pic with LED off (flash reflected and made it seem like the LED's are on):

Pic of the back:

LED turned on:

Close up with LED turned on:

Some old pics:

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