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Dallas Area Roll call.

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anyone from dallas ?
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I am in Arlington too!
nice looking tsx does anyone in here ever meet up i'm know to the forum and i bought my TSX in Dec.
do you ever go to the weds meets in garland off of beltline
Garland here ... anyone up to meet?!
do you ever go to the weds meets in garland off of beltline
My new ride for 2012.
Slammed on Coilovers with 19x7.5.

where in the DFW area are you at???
Im from the Dallas area and not once have I seen any tsx's out here. Would love to meet and greet with some other tsx owners.

your TSX is nice too
I'm in the dallas area too
I try to hide from you guys because I am bone stock! LOL
gotta start somewhere I was stock.
Im from Fort Worth/Arlington. Just got a 04PWP
post some pics of you car
I haven't seen or heard of any meet and greet here in dfw.
I've posted a thread trying to get everyone to meet
I actually stay in the Oak Cliff area. :)
I have a buddy that stays there I go there every now and then. we should meet up
I'm here. Just purchased my 06 tsx about a month ago, what's the word on a meet besides C&C?

Every Weds in Garldand/Richardson area there is a meet off Beltline and Jupiter at the Sigone Mall last week there was about 200 cars that showed up all import the meet starts around 7:00pm and 8:00pm few cars leave to do street races and the rest has been staying till 11:00pm some nice cars out there and some ricey shit but all and all its pretty good.

come check it out I've been going every week for the past 4or5 weeks.
Somebody told me that there's a Honda day meet coming up. Anybody got word on it.?
I know people are talking about IFO but i think that's in JUNE
and import face off not sure when that is.
IFO is import face off , isn't it??
yeah your right LOL. show you how much I know.
IFO is April 29th in Ennis, TX.
I'm going to be there how else is going ?
car drive!!!!!!

There is a drive this Sunday (april 15) I will be attending. I was seeing if anyone wants to go it will be with the s2k guys.
I think it would be a great way to meet more tsx guys and be around other car guys and gals.Who's wants to go.
Import face off

trying to get a list of anyone going to IMPORT FACE OFF IN ENNIS,TX starts 4/29 @ 10:00
Maybe we can get a group of TSX's to all roll in together who's down to meet up. We can all decied what is a good place to meet
as it gets closer.

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anyone going to the CCM Meet in Grand Priarie,TX the Saturday 7/21
check out facebook CL9 TSX lots of TSX owners

Also me and about 7 other tsx guys are going to meet up to roll in together if you want to join we will be at

Chevron Gas Station
2590 E Arkansas Ln
Arlington,TX 76014

meet up around 2:30 3:00 I will wait for you this time :laugh:
I'm going to be early to drop the front of my car lower.
Idk if I can make it that early. I probably can. Im leaving work early. And I don't have a fb.
Ok cool let me know. I did message you my #.
I missed you last time at IFO in Ennis don't want to miss you again.
I'm guessing the address were meeting up as is a car shop or what??. If I can get out early enough ill help you lower it.
ok cool see you out there
you have my #
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