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Dallas Area Roll call.

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anyone from dallas ?
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I'm here. Just purchased my 06 tsx about a month ago, what's the word on a meet besides C&C?

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What's the word on a tsx meet/greet in the Dallas area. The weather is cooling off more and more making it a little easier to be out and about
Well I know of a bmw meet that takes place in the Plano-ish area on the last Thursday of every month (previous car before the cl9). It's a huge parking lot with a nice pub/bar next door..
I will definitely be at the next Cars and Coffee, see everyone there?

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That's sad news, you should still make it out. Maybe we can hatch a plan to get a group going around the area

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No local DFW meet has really been set in motion. There's always cars and coffee on the first weekend of the month though.

Where about in Arlington are you located? I recently made a move over off fielder

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Like I said, Cars and Coffee at Classic BMW every first Saturday of the month. Maybe once the weather warms up(and tax return received) we can get something going around the Lake Arlington area
1 - 7 of 140 Posts
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