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Dallas, TX: Anyone want to drive a Ferrari and Lambo with me?

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Hey guys,

Have you ever dreamed of driving a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Audi R8, and a Maserati?

I have and in a few short months I am making that dream come true.

There is a company is Texas that puts together dream car cruises, called the 2,000 HP Tour, where you get to drive 4 different exotic cars over the course of a 4-hour cruise. There would be two people in each car and everyone would get 30 minutes behind the wheel of each car. The cruise would take us out on remote 2-lane roads for us to "experience the full performance of each car"

I had initially planned on booking 2 of the 8 slots for my brother and myself, but then I found that I could book the entire cruise at a discount and pass the savings on to everyone.

The added plus to booking our own cruise is that we would get 4 hours in the warehouse with the cars afterwards for a photoshoot, pizza/beer, poker tourney, etc.

I am looking at booking this for sometime in March or April this year, once the weather warms up a little bit. Typically, each seat goes for $800, while if we book our own cruise the price drops to $600 per seat. I have looked at other exotic car rental pricing and just haven't found anything that would provide such a great value.

Who is interested in joining us?
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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