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Dark Mocca Pearl CL7 (GER)

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Hey guys, heres my euro CL7 transformer with K24 swap and more bla bla bla :D


Upcoming mods are:
Drag Cartel 3.2
Wiseco 12,5:1
Toda heavy chain
K20 head
Complete Civic EP3 tranny

Enough spam :D Hope you enjoy :bowdown1:
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Very nice!
The dyno is with what mods? (I see the upcoming mods are cams, k20 head and others..)
Great looking ride and very well done !
wow very nice! Youre like my twin but functional! lol

IG- MeMiyagiNguyen
I really like the black and white photos for some reason. No idea why... Haha

Car's coming out great!
Yeah but these photos are too expensive :p

Dynoed (bhp numbers) with Drag Cartel drop in cams, 40°vtc, RRC, J35 tb, Weapor-R intake & header, Fidanza flywheel, 200 cellcat. TSX ECU with Flashpro.
I got a message at Facebook why im gonna go 5speed EP3, Euro and JDM trannys are 6speed :)
Nice. Did you put in all the gears and final drive or did you preserve the 6th. What final drive are you using? Did you adjust the speedo after?
Its the complete EP3 Gearsetting, with 4.7FD. Speedo is nearly the same, i think its -10kph @250kph (smartphone gps)
But i dont care atm, im totally lucky of this upgrade. :)
Very nice!.
Why you didn't kept your stock 6th gear for cruising ?
Ive seen a Video of a mate with the complete ctr tranny, so i choose to make the same :D
Its pure fun with our no limit highways. I can cruise with my ´95 Citroen ZX Wagon :p
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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