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Dark Mocca Pearl CL7 (GER)

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Hey guys, heres my euro CL7 transformer with K24 swap and more bla bla bla :D


Upcoming mods are:
Drag Cartel 3.2
Wiseco 12,5:1
Toda heavy chain
K20 head
Complete Civic EP3 tranny

Enough spam :D Hope you enjoy :bowdown1:
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Very nice!
The dyno is with what mods? (I see the upcoming mods are cams, k20 head and others..)
Nice. Did you put in all the gears and final drive or did you preserve the 6th. What final drive are you using? Did you adjust the speedo after?
Very nice!.
Why you didn't kept your stock 6th gear for cruising ?
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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