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Dashboard/door rattles; brake pedal rubbing on brand new TSX

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I've had my 2012 TSX for 6 days - from the first day I've had it, there's a rattle in the dash area when I drive over bumpy roads. When I hit a large bump, there's a big rattle in the driver's side door.

Part 1:
I brought the car back to the dealer to fix the dash rattle (didn't have the door problem at the time) - of course when they took it for a drive (both with and without me) they only heard the rattle 1 time - I hear it constantly - I don't think the roads they took it on were very bumpy. They're telling me they could take the dash apart to try and fix it but that could cause worse rattles after it's put back together. Also they said the noise might go away after the car 'settles.'

So my question with this is, is it true that the rattle(s) could go away in another week or so? Or is that crap and should I have them take it apart now and try to fix it?

Part 2:
Just starting today, when I press the brake pedal down all the way it feels like something is 'rubbing.' It doesn't make a noise, it just doesn't feel quite right - it's kind of like the feel you'd get if 2 hard surfaces were rubbing against each other a bit. Has anyone experienced this and/or know what this could be? Maybe it just needs some lubrication??
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