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Name: Alan
Location: Fairfax
Means of contact: PM or this thread
Price: $800

Wheel Brand/Model: OEM TL-S wheels
Diameter: 17x8 +45
Lug Pattern: 5x114.3

Tire size: 225/45
Tire brand: Falken
Tread life left: 70%

I'll sell for $800, no more no less, but also looking to trade, the only trades I'd take however are for OEM 06-08 TSX wheels and tires with TPMS +$400. I will also ship, but buyer pays for shipping + paypal fees.

I'm running 225/45 Falken tires on them with about 70% tread life left.

My camera sucks btw, so sorry for the not so great pics, if you need a more close up pic I'll be more than happy to send you one, just PM me. I took two pics of each side, one showing the little tag with my username and the other to get a better look at the wheel itself, I had to do it this way because again, my camera is horrible. The wheels are a little dirty too.

Driver side front :

Driver side rear:

Passenger side front:

Passenger side rear:

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