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larchmont said:
That's where I bought my previous car, '03 TL-S. Had a good experience there, although I was annoyed that the manager kept trying to get me to decide to get a different car from what I wanted, just because they had it in stock. The reason I was annoyed was that I was very specific and clear about what I wanted, yet he PERSISTENTLY tried to convince me to take the other.

But just a little detail in the big picture. I liked the place, the salesman, and the service.

BTW.....trivia question: What town is Montclair Acura in? :D

Answer: Verona. :donno:
.....trivia question: What country does the Pope live in?

Answer: Not Italy!

But I digress. I also purchased my Acura from DCH Acura Montclair. They had the second best price in the tri-state area, after Brooklyn Acura. I'd also recommend them. (With one caveat: they are, at their core, still car dealers!)
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