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Nice Pics, Car looked like it was really something, very nice... Cant wait to see what you can do w/ the TSX
Wow! Your Civic and your gf's Civic are very clean and impressive!:drool1:
nice EK...sweet!!
WOw.......I almost missed this thread.....I think i was the one who ask you to post pics??

BUt, nice Civic....Very the first pic, I thought you and your gf has the same pic......i was like...WTF~

are you on any other forums under a diff. name?
Why you ask that??
I am rarely on different some....i might be that guy~
If you think is because of the avatar, you are wrong......I jacked it off someone.....HAHAHHA!
woa you sure mod the heck outta the Civic. :bowdown1: very very impressive.
Sorry about the Integra :mecry:
heheh didn't expect you to be a JDM junkie.
heheh you even modded that Asian model into "employee of the month" :D

cant wait to see your works on the TSX :ben:
WOW........did you rear into someone?? Or someone rear into you??
HAHha.....mind telling us what are your future mods on ur TSX.....and integ??
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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