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Why wait for the wheels?

I would put the suspension on now just to check it out and make sure everything is in good working order.
Nice.......i always wanted Tein... but so $$... and i am worry about the ride comfort~

Post a review ASAP dude....
Congrats dude, lol the Stock to Bling Things gonna be pretty sick, cant wait to see the pictures, congrats
Sweet! I will more than likely go with the same Tein Flex setup some day. I really liked the Tein Basics I had on my Civic Si. Let us know how it all turns out.
yours is going to be a lot stiffer than mine cause I have the actual JDM Euro R TEIN FLEX Coilovers. The springs in those are not as stiff for some reason. Also let me know how noisy yours are once they are on cause the back of my car make a really loud thump and clunking noise whenever I go over even small bumps.
VERY nice JDM TSX :nod:

Joker - who can't wait to see when she's done
holy .. 43 offset .. ~ hmm .. but with 7.5 .. ~ i guess u will be fine .. ~
oh .. ~ cuz i ran 18X7.5 with 48 offset b4 .. and it was great .. just abt the same position as stock
but now im runiing 18X8 with a 45 offset and it's more stickin out than stock .. although it's still brealy inside the fender .. ~

the thing is .. u got a 43 ... ~ i have no idea how it will be .. but .. ~ looks like it might stickin out more .. or sthing silmiar to mine .. ~ just my 2cents .. :)
Nice...... I have been waiting for a while to see a GT-C and GT-N on a TSX... now that one of the CG euro R has the GT-C...... and now you got the GT-N... my wish has been completed..... for Volks anyways.....

*I know I don't make any sense...... *
well .. ~ if i were u .. ~ i will go for 45.. ~ safer in every aspect .. :)
That site doesn't work man....but damn....450US?? no rubber... that's a pretty nice deal!!.... too bad it's in the US.....shippin = $$
Nice choice on the FLEX. I have the same USDM rates as you and I've been thrilled with the ride quality. On the softer settings it's actually too soft for me.

Install is fairly straightforward. Among the tips I would mention are don't plan on using the spring perch to adjust height-only use the lower mount. I basically used the Tein factory specs, but swung the lower mount up about 1/8" (which lowers the car) to compensate for the slightly smaller tires (225/45/17s) that I am running. If you go 225/40/18 I'd do the same. Lowering with the spring perch will cause you to lose strut travel and increase spring load; both negatives when trying to preserve ride quality.

Also, get a rear camber kit, and an alignment after it's all settled. You don't need one for the front.

As far as offset goes, I'm running 45 offset with 17" x 7", so I'm 10mm further out than stock. When you lower the car this much, the factory rims disappear underneath the car and actually stick way too far in. So, while a stock height car with no kit would look ridiculous with 7.5" 43 offset, your car would be fine. But if 45 is a choice, that would work well too. Here's a pic of mine; a 7.5" 45 would stick out 7 mm more, but the tires you're planning would be in the same position as mine.

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mmm very nice i say go ahead and put them on before the wheels, I did that and it makes a big difference even using the oem wheels and tires. As for offset +43 is fine thats what i am running right now no problems what so ever and doesnt stick out.
JDM TSX said:
i've noticed there's 3 adjustment perches on the threaded sleeve, is that what you're talking about?
Right. From the the top, you've got the first nut, which is the lower spring perch. The second nut locks that into place. The third nut is the locknut for the lower mount, which is also threaded. Make any major height adjustments by loosening the third (lowest) locknut and spinning the lower mount up or down the threaded sleeve.

The directions list measurements for the various height adjustments; mine were preset at the factory to match these values. These factory settings insure that the lower spring perch is in the optimum position which maximizes strut travel. Swinging the lower mount up the sleeve will lower the car without effecting strut travel. These preset values give a 2" front/1.7" rear drop with stock diameter tires.

Also, when adjusting damping, full clockwise on the adjuster is the firmest setting. The range is 16 clicks counterclockwise to full soft. Even though it is possible to turn the adjuster more than 16 clicks counterwise, DO NOT DO SO! It is possible to disconnect the adjuster rod inside the strut, which would require a teardown to fix.

The 48 offset 7.5" wheels would be nicely tucked and would probably be my personal choice. I'm looking at some Work wheels with those of the great things about Volks is that you can customize them to your specific needs. And no need to worry about rubbing on the inside either; the TSX A-Spec rim is a 55 offset 7.5" and fits with room to spare.
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hey JDM TSX why you deleting all your posts man ? everything OK ? :D
Once again, Hope Everything okay JDM, Was looking forward to seeing ur car all done up
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