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Hey everyone,
So it seems things are beginning to go up and running with this spoiler. All we need to do is jump start it so here is the official deposit thread list. If you were following the previous thread, you should know most of the details and information. In short, we will need 30 people to place a deposit of $50 each. The final price will come to $200-250 for the people involved in this deposit thread. After the first 30 people, msrp will go up to $350.
As for time frame, this is unknown but I'd say can't get worse than the time frame of the roof spoiler lol

cliff notes:
-Need 30 people to deposit $50 each
-these 30 people will get it for $200-250, people involved after will get it for $350

[email protected]

-be sure to include your SN and such.

This is just a rendition using photoshop

Let me know if you have any questions

LIST 6/17
1. Geebra (deposit)
2. pwp06tsx
3. tpflush (deposit)
4. din9leberry! I'm in
5. pwpcl9 (deposit)
7. theTSXdude
8. Slapyomomma
9. gucci mane
10. kushxhennessy

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hey Rich, 30 ppl is alot...........are there even that many ppl?
it's not going to come over night lol but lets hope we get there. Or we can shorten up the list but up the deposit more.

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I just don't want it to be too heavy and not being able to stay up when I open the trunk or something like that.

I'm still on the fence about this.
well weight is really unknown right now until we get the actual product.. The OEM springs are weak anyways. It doesn't fling up. I had the mugen replica spoiler and that was heavy but my trunk still opened. I'm sure this will be lighter than the mugen replica so if your worried that your trunk won't open, don't worry.
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