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Detroit NAIAS 2008 *56K no cigar*

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Here is your TSXClub coverage of NAIAS. Headed down there with pcdawg and whitetsx001. Enjoy pics. FEEL FREE TO +REP ME :D :D :D

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Oh mayn...LOVE the pix and love the cars! You got some major skillz! :thumbsup: The different angles and perspectives are just freakin' awesome! Good stuff! :bowdown1: pics look like crap compared to his LOL
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Yeah, what she said. Wish i could take pictures as good as those...

Hot cars too. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
pcdawg said: pics look like crap compared to his LOL
HAHA, at least your camera didn't cause neck damage !
love the cars and angles of pic's ..nice job
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wow great shots vortec, love the camaro and vette
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I WILL buy a Maserati GT one day. ;)
Nice Pix... your pix looks way better than me... I'm soooo noob. lol

+REP for you.
Good camera shots man better then i can do lol.
pcdawg and them up! We need more eye candy! :nod:
TSXDude said:
Hey Elan, where and how much did you get your 10-22?
Hey Dan, I got mine in HK, for the equivalent of $900CAD. They are $900+tax in Canadian stores, but if you cross the border, and check out stores like B&H (or even online) They can be bought for around $700!
the new SLK AMG looks hot!!
shay654 said:
pcdawg and them up! We need more eye candy! :nod:
lol... I have already created a thread last week, and you have posted on there too. You forgot.... it's HERE...
thx for the comments guys!
Got any pix of that Audi TT-S???
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