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Developed Knocking Noise after replacing the pads HELP

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Hey guys,

I've recently replaced the rear brake pads on my car, and it developed some kind of knocking noise when I brake just moderately hard.

I took the car back to the technician who did the work and he checked to make sure it's not caused by a nail in the tires. He didn't notice any issues, so he just took the pads off and put them back on. The problem went away for a couple days but now it's back again.

I don't feel too confident about taking the car back to the shop that did the job; they couldn't figure out what the issue was the first time, so I don't expect them to fix it.

If anyone had similar issues, or know what could possibly caused the problem, please let me know!

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I'm guessing, just guessing that your rotors were slightly warped and should have been
turned before installing new pads.

I would never put new pads or new rotors on by themselves. I always either get a
new set of both, or at least have the rotors turned true when putting on new pads.

my dad's a machinist and turns rotors at his shop for like $5 or $10 each, it's worth it.
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