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DIY: Custom License Frame

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Now that Arizona has banned my ASU Alumni plate due to their ridiculous law supporting photo radar that prohibits license plate frames from blocking the state name at the top of the plate.... :madfawk:

I went looking for a replacement but couldn't find any that appealed to me. The closest I liked was about $40 and only available with an "ACURA" logo.

So I decided to design my own "TSX" specific version and found it was extremely easy and best of all... very cost effective (i.e. cheap). I have a very large roll of 3M self-adhesive tape and since I debaged my car long ago the badges were just sitting in a drawer so no extra money was needed beyond the frame. BTW, the frame includes the chrome screw button covers so it's really a good value...

Found this frame on ebay for $12.60 (inc shipping) and saved about $27 compared with a ready made 3D frame that only had "ACURA".

The main point to consider is making sure the bottom band measures 1" or greater and of course if you live in Hell, ahh, I mean Arizona, it doesn't block the state name.

Decide if you want black or chrome, clean well with alcohol and use 3M automotive grade double stick tape. I carefully clamped the badges on for about an hour with a several spring clamps just to make sure it sticks well.

I know not everyone will like it but I think it's kinda different. Not as cool as my ASU frames but should do for a while. There you have it... relatively inexpensive, unique and a good way to recycle your old badges.
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thats pretty unique and is actually good looking!
I dig it... :thumbsup: Good idea.

Might try it with black...maybe for the front since i have my UCLA frame.
Wow, I really like that idea. Nicely done.
looks good on white
Looks nice. But I thought the idea of debadging was to take off references to TSX? :donno:
Looks nice. But I thought the idea of debadging was to take off references to TSX? :donno:
You're right but I missed having a plate frame so I guess I caved... :shootme:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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