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DIY Debadge

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So since a lot of ppl (as of late) seem to be asking how to do a debadge I figure I would do a quick DIY in what worked best for me with general home items.

* 2 pens/pencils or even sticks
* dental floss or fishing line
* hair dryer or heat gun
* goo gone (purchase at autozone or any auto store)/nail polish remover

*some sort of soft cloth (cotton, microfiber, etc.)
* 20 mins of your time solo (less if 2 people)

I did a debadge of my trunk this past holiday weekend seeing as it would not take too long. It was really easy with 2 people but can easily be done by just one person.

Set up:
* Parked my car in a garage but you can do it outside in the open too, doesn't matter much but it's winter where I live.
* Took the two pens/pencils etc. and a piece of floss about a foot in length and wrapped the ends around one another to make what looked like a murder weapon of floss lol.

We used about a foot of floss incase (which it did) the floss happened to break so we could just loosen some up and be set and ready to go again with no delay.
Like I said you can use fishing line too which is much stronger than floss so you prolly won't need that much extra slack with it.
* Plugged in hair dryer, turned on and put it about 2-3 inches away from "Acura" on my trunk to let it warm it up and soften the glue. Since it is winter in my area we had to use the hair dryer for about 3-5 mins focused on the word.
If you are in a warmer area it would be less time needed, if colder...more time needed to heat up the glue. If you use a heat gun (which would be better) you can make the warm up process move much faster.
Seeing as we lacked one we just made do with a hair dryer.
* (With two people) have one continually hold the hair dryer in the area of the "acura" and have the other begin to insert the floss behind the words and begin moving their way down the word as the heat is continually put on there.

If you are doing it alone then simply put down the hair dryer and begin to remove the word yourself. If it is hard to remove then stop and reapply heat for a bit longer.
* (with two people) If "acura" is being removed very easy then stop applying heat and move on to the "TSX" that you would like to remove and apply heat there.
(with 1 person) simply repeat above steps for removal of the "TSX". You can remove the words in any order, I just listed it the way I did. Doesn't matter which way you take.
* Once you remove one emblem be sure to attack that side to remove the tape/glue on there. It is easy to remove it when warm (takes a lil elbow grease but nothing too much).
* When you are removing it be sure to roll the glue/sticky area with your finger (finger print area) and not your finger nails since it could scratch the paint.
* Hold a cloth under the gooey area that you could not remove with your fingers (shouldn't be much) and spray some googone on there and let sit for about 30 seconds.
Place a little googone on the cloth and just rub on the sticky area and it should begin to come off little by little. You should be able to see your trunk nice and clean once properly completed.
* After removal of the letters you will want to make sure to wash and wax the areas of your trunk to make sure it appears clean since googone can affect your paint clear coat and will remove any wax initially on there.
* Finally, enjoy a clean looking debadged trunk.

I only removed "TSX" and "Acura" and left the "A" alone. If you decide to completely remove the "A" too then please note that there are holes that attach it and not just glue.
You will need to patch up those holes and have it sealed and painted over to look good and to make sure your trunk doesn't get wet or anything.
All steps in removal are the same but you are going to need to patch up the holes under the "A".

Final Product:

My car is a bit dirty so that is the lil specks you see in the car and nothing from the debadging process. I can't wait to wash my car :D
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nice write up, simple, i did mine this past summer
ABPs w/o badges are awesome :)
nice write up, simple, i did mine this past summer
Thanks, yea I wish I did mine earlier

ABPs w/o badges are awesome :)
Good writeup, I'll do mine when the weather permits.
I think you'll have better luck with WD-40. It'll remove the glue a lot faster.
I think you'll have better luck with WD-40. It'll remove the glue a lot faster.
I suppose you could do that, never thought of it. I wouldn't feel good about putting it on my car paint though...that's jus me tho. But if it works then by all means that is another option too :)
I'd also like to add you don't necessarily have to use sticks or pencils. Get some strong dental floss, and pull out a good length. Wrapping the ends around both your fingers, just like you're about to floss your teeth also works. You can also take the length and fold it in half to get a thicker strand.

I also used a blow dryer on high for about 30 seconds rotating left and right over the badges to get them loose.
^ Yea you could use your fingers but it just started to hurt mine and felt like I was about to cut my fingers up since it was still cold out when I did it so I used pens.

Your girl wanted to just manually pull off your ASPEC badge yesterday at the meet Chris haha, she's a crazy one man...or else pretty strong lol.
good write up mang. I like to use goof off, it seems to work just a tad better. Also I when finished debadging 3m rubbing compound works excellant to wax it with. Not to thread jack:)
lol, not at all man. There are multiple ways to do it, I just did it this way since it was the quickest and easiest with my available materials. You're jus adding an additional product someone could use, nothing wrong with that!
pics are gone, but good post.
Yea it's the website I initially used (freewebtown) but I changed it to photobucket so uploading the updated pics now. Should be set in a few, thanks.

edit: pics are up and working now, hopefully they'll stay working lol.
very nice. for sure going to do this asap. thanks for the write up and all the suggestions!
sweet pj's :) good post
sweet pj's :) good post
I was wondering if someone would notice. Yea they're super comfy, thanks! :rofl:
Hey I'm looking to remove the "Acura" and "TSX" badges and I'm also looking to replace the "A" with an "H." Does the "A" have a screw or something holding it in? And I could just use any double sided tape to hold the "H" in right?
The "A" is connected in the back of the trunk with more than just tape. I BELIEVE that the "H" has the holes line up exactly the same as the "A" as many people have done the rebadge and have had no issues from what I've seen. Someone who has done the rebadge can better tell you since I didn't change badges, just removed the "Acura" and "TSX".
The A emblem is held on by double sided tape as well as two prongs. The H emblems will have prongs as well. If you buy the wrong size H emblem and the prongs don't line up, just break them off and just use double sided tape.
Alright thanks. I just received the H in the mail so I know what you're talking about now.
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