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So this DIY was done after the fact so sorry if some of the pictures are lacking. So my fuel pump crapped out on me so i found a denso replacement on amazon. works great for about $105 USD.

Things you'll need:
Shop towels
Large plastic bag (recommended)
Large flathead screw driver
Phillips head screw driver.
Replacement Fuel pump
Additional Fuel pump strainer (if not included in fuel pump)

So I actually removed the backseats because i was under the assumption it was necessary. But you should be able to access the panel by simply folding down the seats and popping two clips that are located in between the trunk and the seats, right in the middle of the felt.

This is what it looks like after you pull up the felt. There's just three phillips head screws that hold it in, so go ahead and remove them.
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Afterwards, disconnect the electrical connection and the fuel line disconnect. Heads up, some fuel will drip out of the hose so be careful. I put a towel under to catch anything extra. Auto part Vehicle door Space Vehicle

So now you're gonna notice there's a black ring. It screws off. So try to undo it by hand. If not, use a thick flathead screw driver and a hammer to break the initial seal and hand loosen it. Angle the screw driver so when you smack it, it turns counter clockwise. There's also a tool you can buy but i don't think it's necessary, this things pretty sturdy.. a couple of whacks barely scratched it.

So after you take the ring off just remove the entire fuel pump assembly. Its an rubber seal around it try not to damage it just pull by hand no tools needed. You can notice in the next picture that there's an arm that sticks out of the assembly that floats and measures the gas level. You have to angle the pump to remove it, and get a shop rag or bag ready cause this assembly was submerged in fuel.

Sorry i don't have a picture of the assembly all together. Again, this was done after the fact.

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Now you can see everything is disassembled. All the wirse have tabs and the top portion thats lying sideways has 3 tabs on the top, it actually took some time for me to remove all of them without any help, should be cake with a second pair of hands but just FYI it's doable on your own :)

So the silver tube with the semi circle pouch is what you need to replace. There's also a strainer connected to the bottom, i believe the OEM model comes with it but the pump i ordered did NOT come with one so i had to run to autozone and i picked one up. Pretty straight forward to put the strainer on. and reverse order to re-install. Voila, shouldn't take more than 1.5 hrs. I was going in blind and it took me that long so hope this helps!


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Nice DIY doesnt seem like it would be too hard with the help of your experience. I do have a question. Is this where the fuel filter would be located? If it was I wanted to know what it looks like and where i can locate it so I can change it out at the same time. My car has been parked all winter with an empty tank of gas. After getting it back up and running it seems to be acting up and im suspecting that water may have built up over the coarse of 4-5 months. Yeah I know... probably should have filled it up before deciding to let it sit for so long during the winter but it completely slipped my mind.

Thanks in advance!
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So my car battery kept dying and I would jump in and it would start for about a week now I tried to jump it and it cranks and cranks and cranks but does not start it acts like it's not getting gas it has spark I'm not very sure what to do as a single mother with two kids it sounds like the fuel pump is turning on I checked the fuse I'm not sure if there is a relay and what number it would be I have a 2009 Acura TSX
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